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Who wants to defeat tackles the weakest link.

Alphonse Karr ; Une vérité par semaine (1852)

When we learn how to protect a system, we are often told to install a proxy, to configure a firewall and group strategies, to block applications, or to restrain the physical access of a domain controller… However, doing all this without being aware of the real dangers will most of the time cause administrators to run a configuration that is constraining for users, and that does not even provide a fully effective protection. 

The system hacking training can take you to the heart of the system in order to understand what a hacker can access and how, whether it is with an user account, an administrator or a system account. You will learn, understand and use advanced system hacking methods. You will get to understand the user’s behavior, how to manipulate him and how to present a hacking demonstration. 

For instance, did you know that an user without administrator rights can install a certificate without any root certification autorisation, thus allowing a hacker to analyse the HTTPS traffic ? Do you know how to achieve this attack to demonstrate it to your clients ? 

Traditional trainings and certifications are often very general, where system hacking is just a small part among other hacking or defense methods. The System Hacker training and certification offers you a strong focus on system hacking.

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The only international certification with a focus on system hacking

Systems defense and analysis professional

Defense professional

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In a great majority of cases, companies rely on technical methods such as firewalls, proxys, antivirus solutions for the clients and sometimes software restrictions solutions. However, this is far from enough to secure a professional environment properly. We can teach you how to perform an audit focused on the system and process, and how to set up effective countermeasures.

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System Security Expert

Become an expert in security

An expert in system security knows what a hacker is able to do, and how he does it. He also knows how to secure and analyse an environment in order to implement relevant solutions that will fit a company’s needs in terms of security. You must have both the Certified System Hacker and the Certified Defense Analyst certifications before starting on the Certified System Hacker. Then, you will have to take the exam in the form of research work that will be supervised by an expert and approved by another. Passing the exam will grant you the title « Certified System Security Expert » with the system of your choice.

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