Our certifications programme

Our certifications require a high level of technical knowledge, it is recommended to have at least the MCSA certification or a similar level to complete the training and pass the exams.

Certified System Hacker

The first recommended certification focuses on system hacking. It is interesting to know about hacking risks before claiming being able to defend a system properly.

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Certified Defense Analyst

The second defense certification provides technical and organisational answers to potential attacks. It focuses on the defenser’s ability to analyse and advise.

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Certified System Security Expert

The systems security expert is able to spot the weaknesses of the company’s computer system and can provide solutions to protect it.

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Devenir System Security Trainer

The trainer is able to teach a course to people with limited knowledge in systems security. He knows how to answer questions related to attacks and countermeasures.

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International certifications

Get certified anywhere in the world

Exams leading to the different certifications can be taken from work or from home, on the date and time of your choice.

The exam system is acknowledged and used by many market players such as Microsoft, Comptia and others.

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