Conference on security

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Conference on security

Security is an idea, a vision, and a state of mind : not a tool or a method.

P.Kapfer, Expert P. Kapfer, expert in cybersecurity

A tool can be downloaded, installed, configured… An idea is transmitted. 
A security tool protects, monitors… An idea can create tools. 
A tool requires skills… An idea can be tackled at every level. 
A tool resolves a technical issue… An idea or a vision inspire solutions that will go beyond technical issues.

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Philippe Kapfer

Security and social engineering expert

Philippe Kapfer is an expert in cybersecurity and the author of the book « Internal Hacking and Countermeasures in a Windows Environment » (ENI Editions). He is also a self defense and defense of others expert and trainer.

He has an engineering degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, as well as a Masters in Management of Information Systems from the Higher School of Management in Geneva. He has certifications for many systems and security technologies, such as the MCSE, the MCT, the Certified Ethical Hacker, the EC – Security Analyst, the Certified System Hacker, the Certified Defense Analyst, and so on.

He likes to study and use everything that is security related as a whole : social engineering and manipulative mental elements, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) methods, non-security and perceived mental security, the frame of mind and the transmission of ideas. To him, security is more than a concept of a software tool : it is a mindset.

He will be happy to help you with coaching or to give a conference about cybersecurity, hacking or more general themes such as the perception of security, the sense of security and selfconfidence, manipulation and social engineering, etc.

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Je souhaite vous transmettre des idées, une vision et de l'expérience, pour que nous avancions ensembles.  P.Kapfer