Adding computer security to your trainings

Our trainings are modular and can be integrated to existing training programmes. Universities and professional schools can select elements for their own programmes.

Integrating security to every level

A vision without computer security is a misleading vision.

In today’s world, computing is ubiquitous in all types of trade. It is completely unrealistic to ignore cybersecurity, whether it is within general trainings for sales forces, accounting, defense, the hospital sector, business administration or any other training using software tools at some point. A vision without security is a misleading vision of digital reality. Security involves processes of security management, principle application and the use of specific tools. It is not only about protecting yourself against hacking attacks, but also about understanding the risks you or your company are facing and taking measures to reduce them.

There are several levels of education when it comes to security : for instance, an accountant must know what a back-up process and access rights are, etc… But he does not necessarily need to know how to recreate a hacker attack.


Who wants to defeat tackles the weakest link

Alphonse Karr; Une vérité par semaine (1852)

We offer you the addition of… to your programme

  • Training modules on hacking
  • Training modules on social engineering and the psychological aspects
  • Training modules on countermeasures and management
  • modules on the analysis of system security
  • Conference on computer security and hacking
  • Conference on personal safety
  • Conference on the sense of security and trust
  • Conference on …